Friday, December 2, 2011

A Roll

Boy, i have been on a roll!  Even did some sewing, that turned out!!! Cards all posted.  Got packages wrapped and boxes are ready for mailing. Finished two books.  No housework tho, that has sort of slid near the wayside and needs to be done in the not to distant future :)
Made plans and going to the valley tomorrow.  We have bright blue clear days with the mountains just sitting there in their new whiteness and jutting out into space. Been cold, cold, cold. So since weather is not coming in, it is time to get over there and visit with people i have not been able to see for some time. And there will be no adverse weather to deal with, if there was i just would not go.  Going over those mountains is treacherous at times, been there, had to do that and now i am of an age where it is just not worth it. Not fun or an adventure anymore.


  1. I agree about dealing with situations that aren't fun or adventurous just aren't worth it anymore.

  2. You are definitely way ahead of me in the organization department. We did buy some cards yesterday but they are still in the bag on the table. Maybe this week-end.

  3. Those passes can be treacherous and I no longer want to traverse them in the bad weather either. Tomorrow should be a good day for travel.