Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Day That Will Live In Infamy!!

We have to remember our history or we are doomed to repeat it!
I had the privilege of being able to tour the "Arizona" memorial in 1987. It was a very humbling and rather religious experience.  We were the 1st group of the day onto it, there were not the overwhelming crowds, it was very quiet. There were Japanese tourist's with us. We all appeared to feel the same. It was very moving. From there we went to the Punchbowl Cemetery and Memorial.  It was a beautiful experience. Glad my son (17 at the time) and I were able to experience this together, in the calming, quiet atmosphere that it was.
Always to be remembered.
Take Care and God Bless all...........


  1. Thoughtful post, thank you for remembering.

  2. "Let's Remember Pearl Harbor,
    As we go to meet the foe.
    Let's Remember Pearl Harbor,
    As we did the Alamo.
    We will always remember,
    How they died for Liberty.
    Let's Remember Pearl Harbor,
    And go on to Victory!"