Tuesday, December 6, 2011


 Here is my car by the side of the road out of Amity, OR.  Had to stop for a little photo shoot.  Just LOVE the way the fog freezes on different plants, rocks, trees.  And you loose all the extraneous extra background 'stuff' and allows you to just focus on one thing.  Every where u look things are different, not normal, accentuated. It is a marvel!

 Also like the different shapes and sizes of trees.  How the different types have their own shape and size.. In the fog this becomes extra clear.  They aren't the, then they sort of just stand out, singly or in groups.  You are just driving along all by yourself, surrounded by cotton batting and all of a sudden something jumps out at you.

Some weeds just stand out and are now special, red berries abound.
 Even dead trees/stumps take on a life of their own and stand out.
 This is curly willow, would love to have one of these in my yard.  they just go crazy, all over the place. the fog outlines all the twists and turns.
Delayed my start this morning as news said it was slick and cars were off the road all over Portland and Salem areas, so that was enough to make me wait until later in the day, left about noon and pavement was dry at that point. No problems at all getting home.  Got past the Stayton area and sun came out and it was warmer and could see all the rest of the way over the mountain.
Take Care all, isn't nature beautiful tho?


  1. Wonderful pictures. Loved looking at them.

  2. Very nice fog pictures. I've never thought of trying to take pictures in/of it. We've had quite a bit tonight but it's too dark to try it but thanks for the idea.

  3. I liked your pictures, especially the foggy willow. Outstanding!

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  5. What do light bulbs have to do with fog? Nice pics.

  6. I loved this, Loree, I might see fog in a completely different way now.

  7. Loved your fog photos!!!! I love seeing those sorts of things too, but I hate it when fog stays around for too long. I like the wide open spaces and clear skies of central Oregon. (of course, there are times we have days of fog)