Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Went out today to leave for 'ladies lunch' and the Element would not start, deader than a doornail!!! And it just came to me that i left the cargo light on! Since Sunday when i came back home.  Now why if i could immediately think what was wrong?  could i not think of it right after i used it! AND turn it off when i was done??
Brian was supposed to hook up the charger while i took the pick-up, it started right up!! Got home, he was gone and had not hooked it up to the charger, SO i figured it out all by myself, it is about halfway there right now.  Just hook red to red, black to black. It just did not DO anything, i thought it would hum or something or a light go on somewhere that it was working, nope. BUT the charger needle did show that it was moving up and not staying at, assume that is a good, OK thing.
One more disaster averted :) (well i hope, have not tried to start the car yet)


  1. I've done that same thing and just had my car jumped and drove off. Battery was charged when I got back. Good for you figuring it out. Not much of a holiday present though. :-)


  2. So enough with the things going wrong in our worlds. Sure glad you were able to figure it out. Sometimes I just want to give up and not even try.

  3. Good for you Loree! You are WOMAN - you can do anything LOL!!

  4. Ditto what Donna K. said.... ;) hear us roar! whatever happened to ... well, jeez. Helen Reddy! Helen Reddy.. yes... wow she was popular for a while...

    A Honda Element you have? Loved my Element called him Elmo... we went lots of places together then traded him in for my Odyssey...