Monday, December 26, 2011

Past Projects

Now i can show and tell past projects done, that i made for Xmas as they have all been sent and received.
This is a pillow case i made and below is a close up of one of the squares.  And you know my friend in Iowa i made this for made me a pillow out of the same type fabric, great minds think alike huh??  It was weird to open the gift and there was the fabric i used, HA!!!  So cute tho, will have to take  picture of it to show!

The close up..  hee-hee

This is her corn apron, felt that someone living in Iowa needed a corn apron, as boy howdy, do they ever have corn there! Got these fabrics and pattern at a quilt store in Prineville, that i really like, The Quilt Shack.
Then had to have another pretty leaf picture and hope this is not one i already put on here, taken in McMinneville, first part of December...
Keep warm All!!!


  1. That is too funny that you both used the same material - and the material is so cute. Love it.

  2. You are talented, Loree, and it sounds like your Iowa friend is too!

  3. Lots of good work there, Loree. Thanks for sharing.

  4. OMG, that is so funny! Really cute material, but what are the chances, of all the fabric in the world, that you would both pick the same one. And you made a pillow case and she made a pillow??? Just too weird. You are truly soul sisters. :)