Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Santa Claus

This little Santa was made by my mother for my son in 1972.  He treasures it and has kept it in remarkably good shape considering all the places and moves he has been in.
Don't know if u can enlarge to see it or not, BUT he has a plaid shirt with itsy bitsy buttons and button holes, and a green corduroy vest.  Green velveteen boots.  Suit is of red wool.  He has Christmas stamps in his pocket from 1980.  Bell on the tip of his hat. 
I remember her being so thrilled to have it completed.   She hated to stuff things. And he is a pretty solid little bugger.
We moved into the house and Brian came in the house one day from visiting his storage shed, stating "Here is my little dude!"  Santa has been waiting on the rocking chair for Xmas to be here and is a major part of our holiday celebration.
So here is to the little Dude!!!
Merry Christmas One and All!!!!

p.s. Had questions about Carl. He is still here, doing well. Stinky and hairy as always.  He was taken for a bath today, so looking good right now. Altho seems the hair comes out worse right after a bath, how is that?

Take Care & God Bless


  1. She sure put a lot of work and love into that Santa. No wonder it is so special to your son.
    Hi to Carl from one of his fans!!

  2. I like Brian's santa--what a great tradition to bring him out each year. Too cute that he has Christmas stamps from 1980 in his pocket!

  3. These are my favorite treasures. Especially when my 'adult' children remember with childlike wonder:)

  4. LOVE it... HAhaaaa... my little dude... what fun and how talented is your Mother!

  5. How very special. I love it that something made by "Grandma" is so treasured by the boy inside the man.

  6. That Santa is just precious, how nice your son has kept it in such good condition.

    Poor Carl, that boy just can't win for losing! Stinky and hairy before his bath, and his hair is worse afterward. But I'll bet he smells better, and feels very handsome!

    Merry Christmas!