Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sew Many Quilts

 We have a great fabric store in Bend, called Sew Many Quilts. LOTS of quilts hanging up on the walls, this section was Arista Manor by Moda. You could make so many things and have many, many options!

friend Deedee and i spent the day, going to antique stores and the fabric shop, Real Dealz, which was pretty much sold out of its xmas things!  Went for lunch, again... going to have to stop doing that, had too much bread!!! But had another salad.....
 I loved this quilt, the colors and machine quilting was wonderful!
I want to make some of these!  They are so cute.  And you would be able to see what was inside them with that clear part. There were also some cute little bags that had the metal tape measure, cut into pieces in the band of the opening that made a really neat closure.  Am going to take some classes they have every month for making table runners.  I only have two and they are both for xmas, so need some other seasonal ones. Spring, Summer, Fall, Easter. 4th of July, the list could go on and on.


  1. Have you seen the pattern for the 10-minute table runner? It's on youtube, too. I made a bunch of those this year. They were very fun to make. It says 10 minutes, but after making a bunch I've finally been able to do each of them in an hour (not 10 minutes)! I'm beginning to enjoy exploring quilt shops. Every shop is a bit different and I like to look at all the displays. (I found the pillowcase pattern and youtube and bought some fabric to make a couple of them. Another easy project which is what I like!)

  2. ooooo, Loree, a quilt shop only 3 hours away from me? I still can't manage to get to the famous one in Merrill and it is only 40 minutes. I loved that quilt as well, gorgeous. by the way....your face is looking quite a bit more angular these days....nice photo! Keep it up.