Wednesday, December 14, 2011


 Well, this is what i did today!  Made a baby fleece blanket. Two pieces 1 1/2 yards tied together. Sort of cutesy, but there it is.  My sweet niece (the youngest at 21) is preggars, due first part of May. It is a girl!!! Youngsters certainly do things differently than we did back in the 'old days' and we were far more advanced? than our parents, right? right? Yea for the 60's!!!!  Well, whatever.....  This was fun to do. BUT  when i laid it on the floor, (which i do to even up and cut the fringe before tying) Carl felt that was a good place to sit, sooo had to be shooing him out of the way, he soon got tired of me and seemed to understand i was not down there to play :)
Also made a pillow case using a new method to getting the layers together in like ONE step,it was fun.  Saw this on one of the blogs i follow and HAD to go get fabric and make one with the new system.  This is for a little girl and thought it turned out really cute. Also did french seams to finish it off.  Am getting better at those, first ones i made had edges sticking out and threads, now they are pretty much smooth :)
Just takes practice, what Mom always told me!
Am also working on another crochet baby blanket that is pink!

You know, idle hands are the devils workshop.......
Take care all, Stay warm!

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  1. I like all your projects! That ABC 123 fleece fabric is very nice. I'll have to look for those pillow case directions. I haven't learned how to do a French seam yet, but the pillowcase looks like a good place to practice.