Monday, January 23, 2012

 Mt Bachelor!!  Bend's pride... Used to be Bachelor Butte, but they felt a ski resort needed to be on a mountain!! Last week they got 72 inches of snow in 72 hours!!!  Could not keep up with the plowing and actually had to shut down on Thursday and over the week-end had to turn cars away as did not have enough

parking lot cleared for people to park! Not good for business.  And they are madly plowing away. BUT today the sky cleared again and she peeked out in all her finery!!  Pretty, huh???
Had to go to Bend as a friend i had worked with for years passed away, Willard Hollenbeck, retired military of WWII, we are loosing them at an alarming rate. He was 93. Had a wonderful, fulfilling life. Was a happy person, loved to party, always smiling.

AND from the picture of the Robin!! "Judy" does this mean Spring is almost here?? Robin Redbreast is out and about....
So, Take Care All & God Bless


  1. Spring must be on the way! I love that shot of Mt Bachelor...

  2. Beautiful shot of Bachelor. I so love the peaks of Central Oregon. Sorry to hear of your friend's passing.

  3. Gorgeous mountain. What a wonderful thing to have such a long life. Too many that I know are dying in their 60's.

  4. Mt. Bachelor looks mighty fine with its snow covering.