Sunday, January 29, 2012

Carl Update

 Carl is doing fine as frog's hair.  Still prone to an ear infection in right ear, I always call it the 'brown' one.  :)
He loves laying on his rug in front of the stove.

His is not supposed to be in this chair! All curled up on his Daddy's 'girlie' blanket.

        THE END!!!!


  1. Oh a Carl update....goodie! I just love hearing about Carl. He's so cute!! An ear infection, poor Carl.

  2. Oh Carl, how did you manage to jump up into that chair on those short little legs? What a guy!!

  3. How can you resist such a cute butt.

  4. Cute butt. I love when they do that. Remember dogs ear canals are longer than ours. So any q-tips go in a little longer than for human ears.