Sunday, January 15, 2012

Finally Found Em'

 There were people there feeding bread, so that is probably why they stay in the area.  I have to admit, it never occurred to me to bring bread. Would not think that would be too good for them. Bend at one time had a program and imported Swan's for Mirror pond ( a part of the Deschutes River flowing thru the town), there were even some Black swans. More than likely this pair are a part of that, but are way far down probably 25 miles from Bend.

They were rather aggressive with the bread givers and one man had his little boys there probably 2 & 4 years old, Never ceases to amaze me that people just walk up to wild animals and let their children loose around them. There have been stories in the paper about leaving them alone as they can be quite aggressive and take out after a person. At this time of year tho, i don't think they are protecting or near a nest. Think i got the feathers rather well, being right out in the bright sunlight like i was.
We had some flurries of snow today off and on, but nothing lasting.
Went to Bend to pick up a Stampin'Up order & for lunch with Linda from Stamp Club. We had a great time at Brother Jon's. Yummy half a cobb salad..
Take Care and God Bless All.


  1. Beautiful pictures of gorgeous birds! But you are so right about them being aggressive. Those beaks can do some serious damage. Too bad you can't cure stupid.

  2. You're right. Leave the bread at home!

  3. Beautiful pictures! I came across a black swan once who was protecting HIS missus and eggs... I won't likely do THAT again...

    It was an accident, Mr. Swan... gulp

  4. those swans are gorgeous! I tried to comment on the rusty photos to no avail and I can't find your email address. Sigh