Saturday, January 14, 2012

Park Art

 LOVE the art in the parks and round a bouts in Bend! This is RiverBend Park which is down by the Old Mill Dist  along the Deschutes River and used to be a part of Brooks-Shevlin-Hicks Mill. Don't remember all the titles for places, this was where the logs would lay in the river waiting for processing. It has been REALLY cleaned up since that day. Was filled with wood chips and log debris in it's time.  The trucks would bring the logs to the mill and then dump in the river or the flat places along the river.
 It is really a wonder all the things, art, that have been made to demonstrate the logging industry. At the Old Mill they left the smoke stacks and the power house is now REI an outdoor retailer. They left the integrity of the building and it is a beautiful building! Many of the old brick buildings in that mill area were turned into stores, like the Saxon's Jewelry, which is a PREMIERE store for this area, lovely diamonds :) And new things (stores) were built looking like the old.  Lots of the huge gears and chains incorporated into the landscaping. Love the area can u tell???
Will have to do a blog on round-a- bout art......
But these horses were great!! Such a talent to think of putting weird things together like this, don't u think? And even the log here, looks like a Ponderosa Pine!!!
Well have to get my day started or accomplish something.  Have had a couple days of just inspiration at all.....
Take Care all!!!!


  1. You are right. I like those horses.

  2. Those horses are great! How amazingly creative!!

    Got your comment on the Sea Eagle kayak. We have one too so I can email you about it but couldn't find an email for you. Write me at

  3. Wow, beautiful art work. Thank you for sharing a little part of your world.

  4. We look forward to a trip up that way some time in the future, but for now -- we are taking baby steps, which will be talked about in our next post about ... Our Life on Wheels.