Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Thanks to all for your kind thoughts and wishes, I sure do appreciate it!
The support group was really great last night (REALLY slick roads) Showed me that there are other people out there who have the same problem and survived and are doing well, there was even one having some problems, but that happens, and she was doing much better.  They are such an upbeat group, 3 mos after surgery up to 8 years, all doing well, happy and would do it again. BUT you have to follow directions! and be vigilant, this is not a cure all but a tool to use.
Next is pre-op meeting on the 25th....
Guess they had lots of rain and wind in Bend, just drippy grey rain here in Redmond, see!!  I knew this was one of the reasons i wanted to live here :)
Take Care ALL!!

This was taken a couple days ago, certainly NOT today...


  1. Glad you have a strong support group. All your blogger friends are rooting for you too.

    It's WET and windy here in the valley. Did you see the news about the winds on the coast? WOW!!

  2. Since I am a newcomer to your blog I didn't realize until recently that you were having bariatric surgery. I certainly wish you well and I will be here cheering you on. Like Donna is nice to have a strong support group.

    By the way, if you have not tried Live it. Several have made the suggestion so I followed it and changed over..Big difference. I was so frustrated with Blogger, for a multitude of reasons. You won't be sorry.

    Just BS!(Bob and Sue)