Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What's For Dinner Tonight?

 Go to 'Cave Dwellings' for recipe, don't want anyone to think i thought this up myself!  Except i put some of our yummy ground beef in it, as Brian would not think of touching turkey.  AND he has gotten to old to lie to, he knows the difference :)
 Isn't nature wonderful!!!  this guy just got done dunking his head under water, hence the cool droplets..
This is down by the Old Mill dist, used to be the pond for the mill that made this town.... but now it is a very nice park.  Have to say Bend has some wonderful parks!!! Good for walking in.  Since i had to be at yet another doctor appt , this time the optometrist (all OK) Think i am about done now except for the pre-op on the 25th.....
Take Care All!!


  1. I thought when I read the recipe over at Cave Dwellings that I would prefer beef to turkey also. Looks great.

  2. Nice pictures and that food sure looks good:)

  3. Wish I'd come by for dinner! :-)