Sunday, February 19, 2012


Got this pillow for Brian, due to Carl of course, in LeClaire, Iowa. On one of my trips back to visit friend  Carol. At a speciality pet store (wish i remember the name or it to give them a shout out) The lady made the pillows based on her 'dog' friends. (it was one of those 'had to have' purchases, even tho heinously expensive, i must have been in my right mind at the time) Dixie was her bulldog, a huge brown and white one, with these colorings. Liked it because she had one brown ear and one white one, just like Carl.  She also drug her toenails across the wood flooring when she walked, as if life was too hard to walk through :)
Take Care All & God Bless
All well here......


  1. River Pup in LeClaire - Closed at the end of December but is going to do online sales.

  2. What a great pillow. Does Carl love it too? I can just see him sitting on it! I love Carl.

  3. Great pillow. But it's not as cute as Carl. Also, is there any chance you'd get rid of your word verification. It takes several tries to get it right so our comments will post. Thanks.