Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Getting Ready

Just spending my time getting ready to be laid up. Getting all the medication, special food, vitamins and liquids in order and ready so there are no emergencies. Been a couple days working with the regular doctor to get my meds in order, one was timed release and can't take those anymore, as they don't want medications lying in the new pouch/stomach. Why can't they just respond to the 1st message, call made, why do you have to make at least two calls? Then the pharmacy won't do anything until doctor sends in the order, geez.  Just seems to take forever.  Will spend Friday cleaning house and washing clothes and bedding.  Tomorrow is Stamp Club.  Still have to get a card ready to share for that. Weather is taking a cold turn once again. But we have been having some unseasonably nice weather here in Central Oregon!
Take Care All!
Oh, and this is the 1st of February, can anyone believe that??


  1. May good fortune smile on your surgery. Will say a prayer or two for you. Suzy's new tummy is doing very well, and she is quite happy with the three daily protein shakes. Next week she graduates to having two shakes and one half of a scrambled egg every day. Have you ever had to scramble half an egg?

    1. Half an egg?? maybe a small chicken :) Thank u so for writing, gives me hope that all will be well, following Suzy...