Monday, February 27, 2012


 Lots of SNOW this morning!!! The 27th of February for goodness sake!Took the pics from inside the house, God forbid i should try to venture out in this weather, HAHA!!!
Travel safe everyone.....


  1. I thought snow was normal there this time of year... no? It's beautiful anyway.

    1. Well, normally all the snow is from Nov-Dec-Jan. Maybe the end of Oct or the beginning of Feb with some isolated late disturbances that are not long lasting. We just haven't much at all this year, nothing measurable and to have it so late is rather weird. U can get blowing and large snowflakes but no sticking. Just think this is a different/weird year.

  2. I used to love the unexpected snow days when I lived on the western slope of the Sierras. It's so different than a regular day, the air feels different, and it so quiet. I especially liked it when we'd already had some warm days, then suddenly... I'd wake up to snow! :)

  3. That is really a gorgeous snow scene. I sort of miss it.

  4. Guess I won't be driving over to Redmond any time soon! We got just a brief dusting of that white stuff, now I see where the rest of it went.

  5. It sure looks beautiful...from indoors!! Bet Mt. Bachelor is happy.

  6. I second Donna K. Looks great from inside. In the mountains of Virginia, February was our snowiest and coldest month.