Thursday, February 9, 2012


Thank You all for your prayers and thoughts during this period of my life. Had the Roun- L -Y at 10:45a and came home this morning. Everyone at the hospital has been really kind and positive. They really WANT people to be successful in this journey. After the 2nd day i started itching like crazy,  they thought it was the pain meds so got liquid Vicaden, ooo that makes  a person feel really good, too good, am going to have to watch that!! :) Am already off the clear diet and into pourable food, anything u can pour BUT no carbonation, caffeine, liquor, or sugar and then only 2 oz sip, sip, sip, move, move, move, rest. rest rest.
I had really GREAT care from ALL the nurses at St. Charles Medical Center, not a surly one in the bunch and then had my sister of the heart Janmarie who came from McMinnville, letting her law practice sit for 2 weeks to be at my beck and call when i need even the smallest thing. :) which i am trying NOT to take advantage of, hahahaha
Had many well wishers coming to visit which was nice they cared, it was rather humbling.
This is a journey and i have had a great tool given to me, and i am going to work it!!!  Just have to get thru these 1st couple of weeks of healing, then go for it~~~~ and be able to do all the things i want to do,
Get certified scuba diving
Ride a donkey down the Grand Canyon
Be able to buy clothing in a 'regular' store or even vintage clothing :)
Hike mountains here in Central Oregon
Feel comfortable wearing a swim suit on a beach, anywhere
Go on a zip-line
Have a larger than life personality, but not take up much space
Take Care All, i am well....................


  1. It's wonderful to hear that you came through everything and with such a great and hopeful attitude.

  2. . . . and thus your journey begins. Best wishes for a quick recovery. Glad you are OK. Mom and Linda send their best.

  3. Wow oh Wow, Loree! what a journey you are on this year! So glad all is going well. Those pain meds just make me incredibly sick so I am glad that at least they work for you! It is so encouraging to hear you doing well. Hang in there!

  4. That's wonderful news, Loree! I am glad to hear that everything went well.

  5. I am so excited for you and grateful to God the surgery went well and you are energized for action (at least after you get back on your feet). Put me on the list to zipline in the rain forest and donkey down the Grand Canyon. They are on my bucket list. I am willing, ready and at this moment able!

  6. Love the line have a larger than life personality but not take up much space. Great goal!!

    I hope you succeed in having and doing everything on your "bucket list"


  7. So happy for you and anxious to read more. I had to go back in your archives to find what surgery you were having. As one who struggles with weight also! I salute you!

  8. So happy to hear that you're doing well, Loree! You are on a grand adventure to life changing habits, and then "to infinity and beyond"! Good for you!!

  9. Wow Loree, you have such a great attitude. You are going to do well. I can hardly wait for you to start checking things off your list and blogging about them. How about a video from the zip line?? I have no doubt that you will get there. HUGS

  10. Good to hear things are going so well for you! Go on a zip line? You have more guts than me. :)

  11. So glad you are home and doing so well - yay for liquid vicodin! Funny that you mentioned the zip line. I had just been thinking that was something I wanted to do (I think!), so maybe you'll have to plan on making that one a group adventure!! Take care .. am glad you are well :)

  12. Loree, you and I (this is Suzy writing) are on parallel journeys. My surgery was the sleeve gastrectomy, but the routes ahead are the same. This week, I can eat nearly half a scrambled egg each day (delicious!). Next week, tuna fish, cottage cheese, etc. You are correct -- everyone in the bariatric "industry" seems to be 100% caring, 100% on our side, working to make us successful. But this is only a tool you and I have received. It's your determination to ride into the Grand Canyon or ride a zip-line will make it happen! Let's keep in touch, be each other's support group.

    1. that would be great. last night was kind of rough, sweat really alot and was restless, but pain meds helped... haven't had anymore today tho, don't want to get used to those things. a popscycle was wonderful!!

  13. So glad you came through okay, and that life just gets better and better and you knock things off that list one after another. :-)