Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Back Yard

Thought i should show results of all our work yesterday. It just looks nice and clean and picked up! Going to throw out some seed on those patches that have no grass. Think that should take care of the bareness and am sure it will grow just lovely.
Primroses were for sale at Bi-Mart, going to have to get some of those!! They do well here. Have had some that bloomed all year long, off and on, even in the snow! They are such cheery colors too.
 Been working on the garage. Got all of the 'stuff' off the wall on the drivers side of the garage. Went through some boxes and am going to have to make some decisions
 when i put things back on the shelves i am going to get.  Bi-Mart quite often has those metal shelving units for sale and going to get two to put there. Think that will just do swimmingly :) Sturdy and wide enough for the bins i have with sewing things in them. Also for BIG things that just don't fit in my smallish sized kitchen. Accessible too even with the car in there as i park more towards the passenger side so i  have room to open the car door & can get out of the car without being a contortionist.
Not often do i have a passenger and if i do they can get out of the car before i go into the garage.
This is a Montana cow my friends gave me the last time i was there. They didn't have any with horns at the time. It has been so long since i have been to visit them, they probably don't know who i am anymore.  Isn't it amazing? You meet people and no matter how long you have been apart, when you re-connect, it is like you were never gone.  I went to high school with  the wife part of the team and she married a guy that just fits right in & is wonderful to her. Which is just so important to life long partnerships!!!  It is a hoot going to visit them an he always puts you to work doing something.When he has an extra hand around there is no use wasting it!!!
Take Care All & God Bless


  1. Somehow I didn't picture your house in a neighborhood, so the back yard photo surprised me. Don't know why that is...

  2. You sure are doing well, Loree. I am looking forward when you get ready to put up some self portraits after all your hard work and commitment! It is inspiring. Nice to see you settling in more and more to your sweet little home

  3. What to do with all the stuff. That's always a problem with a house. I found that I almost never used the things that I put out in another building and the mice ended up using them instead for purposes which usually didn't please me when I discovered it. Wishing you more luck with your garage storage.