Thursday, March 8, 2012


One of my commenters thought i should put up what was wrong with comments... WELL...!!! I click on comments, which is the only thing a person can do, and then the screen flickers, u can see the comment box flit by and that is it! When the screen stops working, there is no box to leave comments in and no place to click to add a comment.  So u have to remain comment-less.  I have  put a comment in 'reply' on someone else's comment, BUT worried that it goes to that person and not the blog i am trying to comment on, even tho when u enter it does show up ?? so maybe this is a path to take.  Am sure it is BLOGGERS problem and not mine. Some people have the big comment block to one side and these still work, but when it is a little box just added to the bottom the blog, these do not work. does anyone else have this problem? Or just me??
It is truly upsetting, to have a 'perfect' comment or just encouragement and then u can't do it....


  1. Sounds like you had better ask the 'go to guy' Rick about that techie problem. Are you familiar with his blog? Let me know if you are not.

  2. I agree. Perhaps he will do a blog post about some of these issues. Better yet if he were to publish another EBook and address some of the basics for Bloggers and Blog Readers.

    He has the knowledge and he knows how to get the message across.

    Can you tell me if this happens on my blog?


  3. Anyone know which set up for comments is the least trouble for everyone?

  4. Hi! Just wanted you to know, I do stop by here occasionally! Thank you again!