Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dog Update...

 Here's Carl, sure that Brian is coming! He got taken to the groomers for a nail trim and medicated bath yesterday, he came home and slept ALL day. Such an ordeal
Here is baby Luci.  She was mad at me, but was intent on stinking up the bedding that had just been washed. Always feel better when ALL the dog bedding is clean.

You know i can't seem to put comments on some blogs.  It is very irritating. Wanted to tell 'Sandie & Jim' that i always have to wait for their header to come up as i LOVE seeing that picture of the girls!!
AND Sherri at 'In the Direction of our Dreams'.  the Florida pictures and the ocean were wonderful!! So long for the warm ocean.
Take Care All & God Bless!


  1. Loree, send me an email and tell me what problems you are having adding comments. I've had some other folks remark about that as well and I'd like to figure it out since you've had no trouble in the past I don't think.

    LOVE the picture of the dogs. Luci looks lovely, CARL is just a riot-period. I laugh every time I see him. Does he have to be medicated to get his toenails clipped? What does he do if he isn't???

  2. You are such a good auntie to Carl, Loree. I know that frustrating feeling but it is nice that lots of folks have eliminated the icky word verification at least. Have a good evening.

  3. Hi Loree - How about posting on your blog the problems you are having to make Bloggers aware of your frustrations. We all want to encourage more comments and I know I am still learning about some of the settings.

    By the way, if I am ever re-created I want to come back as your dog.


  4. Carl makes me smile. We too have a dachshund that displays the same antics as Luci. When she is in trouble her name becomes Brown Sugar Paige Thomson. They are characters aren't they

    Just BS!(Bob and Sue)