Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Good Day!!

 Today was the shower for my niece, JeriMay. We had a fun time. Think we had more fun visiting than anything and she made off with LOTS of loot! Things really needed for a little one. I had 13 people show, that was really good.  Her mom was late becuz she got stopped by the police for speeding and talked her way out of it!!! Can u believe that? No, i don't either, BUT you would have to know Rita, she can talk!!! She said the officer was very nice, i bet!
People started showing at noon. We started at 1pm, I introduced everyone & how they were related to me or knew me, through prior work, the stamp club or my domino group, played three games, ate a buffet of finger foods, opened gifts and talked and talked. Many who could not come sent gifts, which i felt was really generous.  They found a common ground and knowledge of others or events. It was just a really, really fun day.
The last person left at 6pm!!
Brian took himself and Carl away at 10:30a :)
Luci behaved herself and loved being what she thought was the center of attention.  Weather was pretty good, cold...BUT sunny.
i still have daffodils coming up, really high!!

Take Care All, hope u had as good a day as i did!!


  1. That was nice of you to host the shower, sounds like you had a good day.

  2. Your niece looks happy!! What a nice thing for you to do. We had snow here again today - didn't stick but it did come down. Glad you had sunshine for your party.

  3. Sounds like it was a wonderful baby shower. I'll bet you are tired tonight!

  4. It sometimes takes a fun thing like that to do in order to keep energy and spirits high. We assume you are flying high, even if you are tired.

  5. I completely agree with Jerry and Suzy's comment. Sometimes we just feel like a million bucks after such a nice gathering.