Monday, March 26, 2012

Needed Items

 I like this glass, reminds me of the ocean, color-wise. Boy now i look at it, that is really a TALL vase!
Got my new tires, now it needs a front end alignment! :( Will have that done next month, hardly drive it anyway at this point, but want it ready for anything, something.
 Got some unflavored protein powder, as have to start using that, and vanilla does not go into everything
Got a huge recycled glass vase for my non-existent hallway, to have more flowers in and spice it up there, i like sitting here looking at it, LOVE that Pier 1 Import, they really do have the coolest things.  Had some really cute plates, BUT there is a limit to the number of that kind of thing a person can have and store :) Without getting rid of anything, i am going to have to stop accumulating things as i am about FULL and have no place else to put things.  And last June i started with a blank slate and not alot of things. NOW i am about done.... will have to find something else to amuse myself doing, HA!!
Take Care All & God Bless
Safe travels to everyone heading North!


  1. I like Pier 1, used to enjoy walking around that store. My dinner plates and bowls at the house were from Pier 1.

  2. Cool vase. Glad you found something you can enjoy.