Saturday, March 3, 2012

Not Proud

Nope, not proud of myself. Day started with nausea while eating eggs. think i was eating too fast or not chewing thoroughly :(.....
Then went to Wal-Mart and was a real b****.  Went to the gift registry kiosk and it would not work, no one would help, the sales person right near there knew nothing about it. Those things should be interfaced with the registers or certainly with cust serv, so they have an alternative way to obtain the info in there!
I was tired, I was hungry, after my morning episode should have just stayed home and slept, which was my original intention. they even called me ma'am, i mean really???
On to Fred Meyer, as i would buy nothing at Wal-Mart at that point.  They were very helpful, and after i called my niece to get her ID number for the registry, it worked!!! Apparently you have to have the exact way the person making the register put their name in there, does not just pick up parts of a name either, and Freddie's machine was nice and new and had its own little place, was not just stuck at the end of the jewelry counter, who would have thunk that?  I was po'd..... But happy with Freddie and their customer service....
But ended up happy.  Got to my chair, after getting the car washed, that was NOT traumatic. I could relax.
Think that i am still healing inside and my patience and stamina is not what i would like.
Be patient....
Take Care and God Bless


  1. Nausea and WalMart not so nice buy WAY TO GO on the weight loss!

    BTW our first motorhome was a 1996 Bounder. We loved it and enjoyed it for 7 years.


  2. I reduced my stress level when I stopped going into Walmart!

  3. Freddy's is most always accommodating. Tomorrow is another day and each day you will feel a bit better.

  4. I hate Walmart, I hate Walmart, I hate Walmart!!! But we don't have a Freddy's anywhere around and not much of anything else. Some days are the pits but it ended up good for you. Patience, lady, patience. You are going to have days that your stomach just isn't going to like anything that you eat. But they get fewer and farther between as time goes on.

  5. oh, Loree...give yourself a break! WalMart is only tolerable at 7am on a Sunday morning if you have to do it. By the way, I tried to email you and you don't have your email listed. Wanted to thank you for your comments on the mohotravels and for all your great suggestions for fun places to go and see on our route. take care and rest. I could never do what you are doing. I hate eggs.