Wednesday, March 21, 2012

One more time!!

 Well, once again we had snow this morning, imagine my surprise !!  And i had to go to Bend for a doctor's appt. Geez!!  BUT it was OK.  The roads were bare, altho in Bend there was heavy snow and wetness everywhere and got my feet super soaked :)
Now it is raining.
Mt Bachelor has 136 inches, got over 12 inches last night i guess. They have had a time keeping up with all the clearing and snowplowing.  The pass had avalanches all  along it.  It was heavy, gloppy snow.
Doctor's appt was good, and i am on to 'normal' food.  Had salmon tonight, one of my favorite meals and it stayed where it was supposed to, so that is a good thing. Have had some lower down pain at times (like around the belly button) and they think it may be a twisted bowel, sounds like something a cow of ours had :) and if it happens again i am to go to the ER, oh joy...  Well, it really felt bad!!! Woke me up.  She said when it happens they need a CT scan right then to show what is happening, if they do it now, when it does not hurt, then nothing would show, hmmmmm. I guess that sounds normal :)  So, am hoping it does not happen again.
Hope all is well with you all, you are warm and safe where you intend to be.
Take Care & God Bless


  1. Glad you are on to normal food but hope that pain doesn't come back. That's a little concerning. Our snow is mainly still on the ground with more predicted for tonight along with freezing temperatures. Gonna be a mess in the morning! Bet Bachelor is going to have some nice spring skiing over the break next week.

  2. Yes glad you're back to normal food and loved your sandals! as well as your polish!

    Hoping your bowels will settle down... boo hiss

  3. Normal is good. Maybe next year you will be in FL for March:)

  4. I hope that belly pain is gone for good!

  5. Salmon sure sounds good to me. I am sure normal food is comforting to you and hopefully the discomfort will pass. You are hanging in there girl !

  6. WOW 136" of snow and 12" in one night. I can't even imagine it. Glad it didn't get in your way. Glad to hear things are going pretty well for you. Hope the pain was a fluke and happens no more.