Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Oh, fickle Spring... woke this morning to SNOW!!! coming down pretty good and sticking, but looking at TV the roads are clear around the area. The Santiam does not look good, tho for people wanting/needing to get over to the valley.  Sun is trying to peek thru now and i have hope that things will be more 'springy' soon.
Take Care all!


  1. Heard from friends back in Virginia that they had 8" yesterday and it melted away within a day. Heavy snow they said but with themps rising into the upper 40's it was gone. Maybe a last gasp of the winter that wasn't??

  2. Hi Luci and Loree,
    I'm about 3 hours south of you in Klamath Falls and I woke to snow too! Not as bad as last week when I had to shovel. Today it melted away.