Monday, March 12, 2012

Thank You!!

I have some new followers!!  Don't know why, now that i am NOT on the road, there is really not that much for me to write about. BUT u know i write this for myself so that i can remember what i was doing on such a such day/month/week. That even tho i may not be traveling, i am doing something. Altho it does not appear to be too awful much :) Later in life it may be interesting.
SO thank you so for your interest.
 Don't know how Luci does this, but she is all about comfort. And boy does that look comfortable??  !!
Then walked around the yard as i need inspiration, and Spring is on the way. Nature is hopeful, so think i can be too!!

 Tulips and Daffodillys, then there are LOTS of poppy's that were already here, and they are so cheerful and bloom throughout the Spring and Summer. Am happy to have them!
Am still healing and slowly getting to do things i did before. Next week is my next appointment and at that one i get to start in on REAL food again, BUT small, small amounts and LOTS of liquids. GOT to get exercising, did join a gym but have not been to it yet. Was there after noon and there were normal people in there, not just buff people!
I still don't feel up to par, but everyday there is a change for the better, so i am getting there :)
Will be glad to be on "regular" food so i can eat more natural

and not so much processed food.  Really i don't have much of an imagination when it comes to food, and getting thru this 'mooshy' period has been hard. blended ground turkey was gross, so that was out.  Have managed to moosh tuna with fat free mayo and i like that and can get it down (some things will NOT go down) and i could live on that.  But it is challenging to say the least for me.  You can do fish and chew it to a mush or squash, but to be mush to begin with?  I have a problem....SO.... glad the next step is clearly on the horizon.
Support group this week, and am getting the baby shower ready for my niece, so that occupies me.  Have to go and make some 'burp' cloths that i do out of pre-folded diapers.
Take Care and God Bless ALL.... sorry for the lapse, but there just was nothing special or even ordinary to write about.  AND now Spring is on the way...Yay!!!!!


  1. Nice post Loree. It seems that life is pretty much the same whether one is traveling or at home. We all still have our "dailys" to get done. Are you getting wind today? The valley is blowing up a storm.

  2. Like Donna said - life can be pretty mundane even in the fifth wheel. Like right now I'm doing laundry. How exciting is that. I am trying so hard not to be so bored and complaining but some days don't go well. It'll be so much fun when you can actually eat something, even if not very much of it. I think that will definitely help you feel better also.

  3. I sure wouldn't worry about not having much to blog about, it seems that many of our blogs bog down whether we are traveling or staying put. I know that I kind of have mini surges and then I seem to get stuck....Such is life. It is always nice to read your blogs.

    Just BS!(Bob and Sue)

  4. Hi Loree...So nice to meet you and your blog. I have a lot of catching up to do, but hope you're doing well. And..thank you so much for visiting us and your lovely comment. So appreciated...Best wishes, Lynda

  5. Oh I just love to see the green shoots coming up out of the brown leaf strewn ground. And especially TULIPS! Lucky you!!