Tuesday, March 27, 2012

To the Dump!!

 Yes, we cleaned the back yard of all left over leaves, and then also had a bunch of garbage from where Brian used to live.  All taken care of now. The back yard looks great!!
Oooo, note those good looking tires!!!
And my niece and great-niece are up from Calif for Spring break & got to spend some time with them.  Little Chloe is very active now! 13 months old and walking every where, all the time, not too interested in having her picture taken tho, too busy for such as that!! Her cute little shirt was from RuffleButts.com, they have the darn cutest things!!! ruffles on the sleeves, ruffles on the legs, ruffles on the butt!!! Boys things are called RoughButts!!  HA! HA!
Grey, grey, rainy day!!! Supposed to be like that all week :(
Still having probs with the stomach about 1/2 to 1 hour after i eat.... makes a person NOT want to eat. Which does not help the appetite at all. I am sticking with fish, it seems to go down easier.
Take Care All


  1. Cute little girl. I used to love to dress my daughter, and later my granddaughters, in ruffles. Sure am longing for some sunshine, aren't you?

  2. Isn't it a good feeling to get the back yard cleaned up. It makes the whole world seem fresh. Love the shirt on that little gal.

  3. What cute pictures. She's darling. Sure wish I were flexible enough to just bend over and put my head on the floor. LOL