Saturday, March 24, 2012

What is a name?

Today went to Lowe's and got a faucet for the bathroom sink and a new shower head. Thank You, a BIG one-  to friends Barb & Don who sent me a gift card as a house warming way back in October!!! Also took back some new door knobs i got & never used, so why use them now? (the realtor suggested new knobs as u don't know who has keys. Well guess at this point i just don't care) Would rather have a faucet that works. Our cold water just shuts off after u turn it on, so u are constantly turning it back off then back on, hope a new faucet solves the problem?? AND the shower head is at the height of my face, i like water cascading down from on high, not hitting me in the face or mid chest, thank u very much..  So excited to get those replaced.

The little blue pick-up...what did i call her, am sure it is a her, as it is a small pick-up  :)  A big pick-up would be a HE, right?.  Did i call her Gertie? or Blue Belle? can't remember.  ANYWAY..... Brian borrowed her to go get the last of the garbage from where he was living in LaPine. AND halfway to Bend he had not ONE BUT TWO flat tires!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How is that possible, but lo' twas..... the passenger front and driver rear, just shredded. He stopped right away, thank heavens, as he has a tendency to keep driving, idiot! He left his phone at home, Idiot! So he started walking and there are really few houses on this stretch, right by the road, he stopped at the one there is and they let him use their phone, even googled his uncle's number (i am not in phone book, as only have a cell phone) So Jerry called me and told me Brian was walking on 97 AND what was wrong. Of course no one stopped to pick him up, he does look mean,  tall, big, long beard, idiot! So i am driving and doing 411 to get Les Schwab # (i know, i know!! but it was getting close to closing time for people), they said cheaper to call tow, so had to get that number, and they were soon there and took Blue Belle to Schwab's in Bend, (Consolidate Towing, very nice people too!!)  it was closer, and they are the ones i normally did business with, north of Bend. There was someone there, still even tho it was almost 5:30p and they close at 5p.  I swear they are SO nice, they guy opened back up and put the truck in a bay for Monday work, 1st thing.  It already has one new tire if you remember the flat on I-5 last Spring when returning from Calif... so maybe will just get 3 new ones and be done with it!  I mean what are the odds???  Be interested to know what in the world happened to those tires tho!!!!
He left again , he and a friend (woman) are putting the garbage in their cars and bringing it here, until we get the truck to get it to the dump.  That should smell wonderful!!!! Idiot!  I swear.....
Yea for Les Schwab!!!!!!
Hope yours was a Good DAY!
Take care all & God Bless


  1. Love Les Schwab...especially when replacing these huge tires, & I mean huge$$$$. We had a good day, thank you, driving to the Morongo Casino in SoCal for the night. Good buffet! Take care...Lynda

  2. Les Schwab is the BEST - no idiots there!!

  3. We're fans of Les Schwab,too. They get all of our business now.

  4. I don't even know Les but he sounds like a great guy. :-)

    That's some story you are telling on Brian. Where was Carl for all the action??? LOL