Thursday, April 19, 2012


I have slipped into the realm of Medi-Care. Really WHITE hair and hair in places it should not be, how does this happen?  Unless i look into the mirror, which i try really hard NOT to do, i still feel like when i was in my 30's, most of the time. ( I was going to say 20's but that is stretching it! )  Maybe 40's :).  Have been limping around with back problems the last 2 days.  Have a stamp workshop today, already paid for it, so i HAVE to go or that money is wasted.  AND maybe if i get out of the prone position i would feel better, in my back and my mind, do ya think??? The weather is cooperating at least, supposed to be 75 this week-end.  I will get a chair, sit in the sun and bask in the warmth, pretend i am on a sandy, warm beach, preferably in Florida!!
Happy Day everyone, Take Care & God Bless!!

P.S. stamp workshop was the bomb!!  Made 10 cards & a folder to put them in!! Then for lunch at Olive Garden, had pasta e fagilio (am sure that is NOT how u spell that) it was good.


  1. I look in the mirror and wonder who is that. She doesn't look anything like the me I feel I am. I agree late 30's.
    Although I think on the inside we are all actually in many ways still the little children we once were.


  2. Did you have a birthday recently? My birthday is in 12 days and I'm turning the big 6-0. Still not old enough for all of the senior discounts!

  3. I'm facing the medicare decision in a couple of months myself. How DID that happen?

  4. At first I didn't get part B, but then a few months later decided that 100 bucks a month was good insurance. I won't use it now, but who knows how it will be in a few years and you might really need it then. And just when was YOUR birthday? Did I miss it, or did I actually wish you a happy birthday and already forgot. I am of course, 66, so I have an excuse!

  5. Happy Birthday to you Loree. You're trying to catch up with me, but I've been on Medicare for a year now. Can't say that I feel any healthier, either! Sure seems to be a lot of paperwork to read through when making the medical decisions on insurance options. They sure don't make it easy on us old folks, I'll tell ya! Glad you're having a little fun, anyway. Get to feeling better now, o.k.??

  6. Happy birthday! I turned 69 a few weeks ago... ol wrinkled thing.. I look in the mirror and see my Aunt Maudie Mae... unbelievable!

    I'm beginning a reversal .. pooey on getting old

    And getting out to your workshop did the trick!