Sunday, April 29, 2012


Why do i blog?
I have clinical depression. Yes, i do. I need to know that i DO things.  There are many bright spots in a day, in a life. Have tried to journal, and that seems to be a hard thing to do. Still do it at times, but am in no way consistent.  A blog can have pictures which is a brightness in black and white. Originally started this in an attempt to stay connected to friends and family when i went on the road and was getting ready to go.  Little known at the time was that many of them do not bother to even look at the blog :)  !! Oh, well i DO !!  It has morphed into a self help tool. Just the other day i was looking again at the pictures of my time in Louisiana and New Orleans.  (HAVE got to figure out how to do a book off blogger. I like those alot too, of specific places and times) Time at the beach in Navarre.  Even things i did last week. May not be of an interest to the general public, BUT it does show me that i was out and about and even made something creative.  Which is so important when one is feeling sorry for one self  :)
I am NOT in that bad a shape, but it is a help.
I am feeling much better.  This is the 1st day with no back pain in about a week and i even went into the yard and pulled up some grass/weeds and watered what little plants i DO have in.  The lawn needs to be mowed in back again, geez.  It is coming together well tho, all those 'spots' from doggie pee-pee are filling in nicely.  Have to spread some seed out there too, and get some weed and feed out there.  Always something.  But that is good, good, good.  I am needed :)  HA!!!
Take Care All!!  Be kind to yourselves....


  1. Anybody who has a doxie and a bulldog living in their house must be an awfully special person. At least in my book. And I have a book made every six months of my blog. A year's worth would be way too big cause I have so many pictures. I'll find the link and send it to you. It's really easy. If I can figure it out, you sure can. Don't overdo that yard work just cause the back is feeling a little better.

  2. I love your blog! And I wish I had a little bull dog or pug like you do. When I was facilitating grief support groups in Estacada, one of the important things they learned that would help them was journaling.... Please keep your blog going as you feel like it.

  3. I don't think many of us who blog get the readership from family and friends like we envisioned, but we find there is a whole new world of folks out there who are greatly interested in how we feel, what we do, etc. I can give us a whole new perspective on life and relationships.

  4. Loree, you picked up a whole new family with your blog. Don't worry about those lugs who don't or won't read it. And remember, what somebody else thinks of you is none of your business.

    Incidentally, Google Blog2Print. That'll take you to the site for making a book of your blog.

  5. I think blogging is especially helpful to those of us who are solo. It sure helps from getting too lonely. :)

  6. Loree - I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog! I don't often leave comments, but I look forward to checking it usually EVERY DAY for new posts! :)

  7. I'm beginning to think that life is about weeding...and blogging.

  8. Hey Loree, I am still here reading your blog!! I don't do it every day because I couldn't find a way to sign up to have it e-mailed to me by feedburner or feedblitz!

    I usually read it when I go in and post something to my blog and I only do that every couple of weeks as I schedule them to send out for a week or so.

    If you could add a link to sign up via e-mail, I would LOVE it!!!

    I enjoy seeing your posts...just don't remember to go into blogger every day.

    Come visit me, some day...I would love to catch up in 'real time'!!!!

  9. We got the idea of using Blog2Print from Jerry and Suzy, and I've ordered 3 different books from them, and must say they are easy to work with. Do try it, since they make it very easy by taking your blog and pictures and putting them all together in the book. We had to break last year into two books since we had too many pictures to go into just one. They tell you that, after they've "sucked in" all your photos, and then you have to decide what to do. Go for it, Loree, you'll like it!!