Monday, April 23, 2012


We all get our mammograms every year, right???!!!! I did today. the arms on the little gown fit me! And i did not have to sit on the couch, my butt fit in their little chairs!!  Little victories & benchmarks of success.
Went to Madras to make sure Thelma got where she was supposed to be. She is. Cleaned up the headstones and cut grass back from encroaching.
Saw my brother and SIL. Talked.
Came home and picked the everlasting poop up, mowed the back yard and watered.  It is starting to look good back there.  Going to get a shed put in hopefully sooner rather than later and they will probably churn up the whole thing!!!  Like it looking nice and well kept.
Those lovely 4 BIG trees in the back had some disgusting little pod things, then some long things that looked like woolly worms at first, OMG, but weren't, thank heavens, and looks like all that falling all over is done with. Maybe the lovely leaves will now start coming out to provide some shade. (then there is Fall, but am looking way TOO far ahead)  Had not been here in the Spring yet and all those falling things were quite the little surprise.  BUT mowing picked it all up and just had to sweep the sidewalk areas clear or doggie-do would track it all in!!  The little pod things were sort of sticky :(  Guess this is just the joys of home ownership....
Take Care ALL & God Bless
Say special prayers and thoughts for fellow travelers, Sherri & Dave, Princess & the Cowboy and the Dixons.


  1. I suppose there was less to get squashed in the machine too. :)

  2. any idea what kind of trees they are? Looking forward to some photos, Loree! Congratulations on your continued success.

  3. Great that you are noticing the differences in how all kinds of things fit!

  4. Happy for your successes. Sounds like you are keeping busy with yard clean up. Spring is on its way.

    Thank You for the special prayers. Very much appreciated. We are so close now to the end of the treatments. Still more adventures ahead but we will just tackle them as they come up.

    Have a great day!

    Sharon & Ron