Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Monday to Madras

 Ha! A picture of me!!
 Isn't this a face that anyone could love??OMG they are SO cute. there were at least a hundred of them in different fields. Think they are Vicuna??  Not sure. NOT a llama. They were curious but not to happy when i kept advancing for the perfect picture :)

Mt Jefferson again.   It is VERY prominent in Jefferson County.  You would be hard pressed to NOT have a view of it somewhere.  Today was clear and beautiful, at least when i was on my way to Madras, later in the day it was smoky due to a brush fire near Bend. The sage is all silvery. Just barely beginning to green up. I had to go the back way taking the south side of Juniper Butte to come into the Culver area, I do this sometimes to go by Mom & Dad's old place on Iris Drive, because i was feeling nostalgic. Had a number of stops to make and spent sometime with my brother Jerry.
TODAY i spent about 1/2 hour trying to get the stupid canister off the Dyson vacuum to empty it from the last house cleaning, usually it just POPS off, this time i had to grunt & swear, then it just popped off!! Still don't know why it was stuck. Now i am resting as that was very strenuous :)
Take Care all and have a Happy Day!!!!


  1. Those little faces are really adorable! I have never had a problem with my Dyson canister, don't you just love that thing most of the time?!

  2. OHHH so cute!! I want one. LOL No really.

  3. LOVE that picture of you!! Could they be alpacas??? I have an alpaca shawl and it is heavenly soft and warm warm warm.

  4. Love the photo of Mt Jefferson. We like to stay in that KOA over in Culver area. Always a great view of the mountain from there.

  5. LOVE llamas and alpacas. Too Cute. We always enjoy nostalgic drives too.

    Sharon & Ron

  6. Sometimes grunting and swearing is good for the soul! :)