Monday, April 16, 2012

New Faucet!!!!

The new faucet only cost about $30 BUT was $157 to get a plumber to put it in. Brother & son tried to do it, after buying a new tool, it was decided they could not do it,  did not have the 'deep' socket or some such thing needed. Sometimes it is better to pick your battles & decided it was better to get a plumber (they could come out that day) that knew what they were doing ( only took him about 45 minutes!) rather than listen to the grunting and muffled curses that had been coming out of the bathroom :)
Think it is a lovely faucet, and the cold water stays on! The brushed nickel also does not show all the dirt and soap smudges as easily either.  I am happy.  the job is done. He thought i may need a new sink eventually as this old one is starting to rust out.  Hmmmmm.....great.
I found a new author:  Sarah Jio, am reading The Bungalow, she also has The Violets of March.  Interesting so far, World War II reminisce of the South Pacific.
Take Care All.
P.S. my sweet little great-niece Chloe has a lung infection, am praying she is healed soon. Her Mom got her to a doctor right away...


  1. I hope Chloe gets better soon. I put those two books by Sarah Jio on hold at the library. Thanks for the recommendation. I'm always looking for new authors.

  2. Counting labor, that is expensive, but looks good :)

  3. The faucet looks wonderful. Chloe will be in my prayers tonight.

  4. I like the faucet. Will keep Chloe in my prayers.

  5. Your new faucet really looks classy, Luci & Loree. Do they come with manuals? I suggest you ask for them as you might need them, should anything happen. By the way, may I ask what happened to your last sink and faucet?

    Earlene Mroz