Friday, May 25, 2012

At the Beach!!

Well, had a day of errands for Janmarie this morning and finally got over here about 3p.  Discovered yesterday that the condo did not allow dogs, so had to call vet and scramble around to get shot record and get the kennel cough shot updated, Yes LUCI is at a kennel. Looks to be  nice one, but this is the 1st time for her and ME and boy it was traumatic. She kept looking at me, like WHAT???
Did take her for a walk on the beach 1st tho. Although don't know if she appreciated that, i did! And tomorrow going to pick her up and love on her and take another beach walk.  Going to have to have her leash pried out of my hands tho to leave her again.  So much of our life is wrapped up in them and their needs and wants, it is really quiet tonight and no reason to get out of the chair or go outside :(
The internet is slow so only these two pictures. 
Hope all is well with all of you!
Take Care & God Bless


  1. Oh, poor Luci. It is hard to leave them in a kennel.

  2. How heartbreaking. I'm not sure I could sleep anymore without them snuggled up to me. And boy can they make you feel guilty with those big brown eyes of theirs.

  3. How is your foot feeling? I like your pictures!

  4. Well that's crummy. Seems like they should have let you know about no dogs before the last minute. Poor Luci..poor you!
    All the more reason to go in an RV where you can have it your way. :-)

  5. All kids hate having babysitters, at least at first. Luci will get over it, probably a lot faster than you will!

  6. Loree I love that picture of you. What a happy smile. Poor little Luci...I always feel bad when I leave my dogs too. Wish we could explain in a language they can understand. Have a happy reunion with her.