Friday, May 11, 2012


Well i happened to mention one time that i wanted to book form my blog and Jim & Sandie from "Where are the Dixons?" commented and told me about blog2book, so i tried it! and it is a neat-o site, it was really easy and the book was here within a week!!! I  got a soft cover and it is 162 pages long!! I used certain dates Aug 2010 to April 2011 as those were the dates i was on the road with the RV, for my book.
I had tried another website b4 this and it was apparently too complicated or i was not in the mood that day, whatever, it did not work, could not understand the steps, whatever!!!  But this site was really easy.  Could even edit out dates after i had it started that i did not feel was relevant to the whole story...  The book really looks cool.  The pictures don't come out of the size from the size, as they try to get things condensed and fit the words in. In some places the pictures don't match the wording as it was in the blog, but over all i really like it and think people will enjoy looking at it over time. Anyway one can only hope... Oh and it cost about $60 after shipping, which i thought was quite alot, really, BUT figured, it was not like i was going to be doing this every day, sooooo.
Have to get going as have another doc appt today, just yearly check up things. And going in to Bend to visit a friend and get some stamping supplies i ordered, FUN!!!!
Oh, yesterday i met with a nutritionist and i am losing lean muscle more than i should right along with the fat, not enough protein, was worried about that, so have to make some drastic adjustments to the diet and supplement thing, geez, BUT i was well hydrated, so that is a GOOD thing, was worried was not getting enough water.
Take Care all, looks like a lovely bright day out there!!  God Bless


  1. Jim and I sat down and figured what it would cost for us to actually print out our blog and we figured the ink and paper would cost us more and we wouldn't have the nice covers. I agree - it seems rather expensive but I really do like my books.

    Hope you get the diet changed and quit losing the muscle mass. That is not a good thing.

  2. Thanks for showing a picture of your book. I wondered what they looked like.

  3. Thanks for the recommendation on the book Loree. I know some day all of the blogs will just disappear. Blogger has already lost a couple of my posts never to be seen again so doing a book may be the only way to really keep your blog.

    Good that you found out about the muscle mass. Some regular exercising or yoga or aerobics would help along with the diet.

  4. Thanks for posting your book. Good idea and it will be nice to have in the future. Something I may think about doing some day, especially if I can edit out the dates I don't want.

    Keeping hydrated is a problem for me, good for you to be drinking enough. I know it's really important for good health. :)

  5. Thanks for the site. I don't think $60.00 is too much... I'm going to check into it.

  6. I will only say that Blog2Print offers you the opportunity to get your book in a PDF format -- costs only $7.95 for as many months as you want to cover. The you can print it at home (including the pretty cover) and put it into a binder. Do like the picture in the green house!

  7. On the protein need: Suzy buys "Anywhey" from -- 17 grams of protein per one-scoop 2erving. It's great, added to any beverage you want (wouldn't put it into a martini, however.) Also, Muscle Milk powder is a good option (32 grams of protein per serving. Costco sells Premier Protein in a prepared drink, 30 grams of protein per serving. And they all taste good, Muscle Milk has the best flavor. Suzyis supposed to get a total of 50 to 75 grams of protein per day.