Thursday, May 10, 2012


 Went to Redmond Greenhouse today as needed to know what the tree was that that i saw & want to get.  It is a choke cherry, smells good too!
They had many things.. good and wondrous.  The owner Doug Stott used to do little spots on TV about gardening in Central Oregon.
  This is like mom's lenten rose. This plant has some sort of bloom all Spring and Summer.  Got carried away looking at all the lovely things.
Have a good day all, i think Spring is really here. Budding/flowering trees, tulips galore.
Take Care and God Bless
P.S. got my blog book and it is really neat!!


  1. Greenhouses like that are wonderful places to visit this time of year. Just went to a couple of them over here the other day. So many great flowers and plants to see. Makes you want to put in lots more things!

  2. I was thinking of getting my blog into a book. Did you have one year put into a book? I was thinking of making it an annual thing.

    Thanks, Teri

  3. Glad you like your blog book. I sure do enjoy mine. Beautiful flowers.

  4. I love greenhouses, mainly for great pictures. How do you go about getting your blog into a book? I would love to do that, as I write this blog for my children~~~~~ and they hardly ever read it.. Oh well I have made lots of blogging friends in the process. Please get me the info for a blog book. Thanks

  5. Love seeing all those flowers. Thanks so much. Having the flowers I love right outside my windows and sitting among them in my yard is one of the only things I miss while full timing. I can visit flowers but it's pretty hard to have them in your backyard. :-)