Monday, May 14, 2012


 Look, what Brian got me for Mother's Day!!  A weeping crabapple!!  I am excited.  Got to go to the nursery and look at all kinds of trees. He choose just the right one, loaded it in the Element. Saw other trees i want to get too, can't wait...
Got home and he planted it, just right away.  Got soil to amend.   Has a little barrier all around it.  Have to water it everyday ... Not to sure if this is just the right place, but he wanted it where i could see it and see birds fly onto it, whilst i am sitting in my chair in the living room.  :)
Also included a recent photo of Carl for all to see. he is in fine fettle... i put up one of those little wire fences in the back yard to keep him out of my iris bed and everyday now, i have had to put it back up, he just barrels right thru the thing,  can't jump over you know and appears to get confused when he realizes he is behind it...GEEZ!!!!


  1. I have custody of my grand-dog (an English Bulldog). When my daughter moved to an apartment and couldn't take her I was left with the grand-dog. I would trade her for the world.

    I have learned to love the breed as a result of having her. She is sweet but yes they do things as they please and then give you that look of "who? Me?"

  2. When I first saw the little first picture on my dashboard, I thought Brian was taking the garbage out for you for Mother's Day! Ha Ha! The tree is a much nicer gift. :)

  3. Oh, I would love to have a dog like that. What a nice Mother's Day gift for you and what a nice son to not only buy it but bring it home and plant it for you right away where he thinks you will enjoy it from your chair. :)

  4. ALL RIGHT BRIAN!!! I can't think of a better gift than a flowering tree AND the labor and love to plant it!

    Love that picture of Carl. I'm gong to save it. Might even make it my desktop. Poor Carl he just doesn't get it. But he does just makes me laugh and laugh. And currently that is a much needed thing so give him a hug to thank him for me.

  5. What a grand Mother's Day gift for you Loree. Nice photo of Carl. He can't help it if he doesn't know what little fences are for! As far as he's concerned, if you didn't want him in there, you'd put up a concrete wall.

  6. I love those trees! I used to live halfway between Bend and Redmond. Your posts make me homesick.