Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Queen Anne's Lace

 I don't care what they are, that is what we used to call them when i was little, so that is what they are!  AND i know they are probably a weed!  But still i love them and have all kinds of pictures of them from different angles.  Even laid on my back and took one looking up thru the bottom at one time.  They can look so different at different times.  I did a couple of them once in really neat old timey looking frames for Mom, the flowers even looked pink in the light.
 The buds look weird: like from outer space, then they spread out in glorius lacey  flowers.
Have been working on the yard.  Think the lawn mower broke, Just all of a sudden went down really low to the ground and was REALLY chopping the weeds low, was in the front yard, where there is not much going on right now but dust & weeds.. So to chop them super low was not such a bad thing, but for the back yard will have to get a fix figured out.
Am chunking out tree roots in the back yard with an ax, that is slow going, chunk then sit in the sun for awhile, recuperate and drink tea :)  Such is life in Redmond right now.
Take Care All & God Bless


  1. I love Queen Anne's Lace too and that is what I call it and these are gorgeous pictures! Well done!!

  2. Nice pictures, but I am pretty sure we called them weeds:)

  3. You can dye with Queen Anne's Lace and get various shades of yellow to gold. Just put some in a large pot with whatever you want to dye and voila, you have a cool project.

  4. I read somewhere that you can press them in a book, the spray varnish on them, use them as snow flakes on a christmas tree. Beautiful photo's

  5. Very pretty. I had never seen those flowers until I was on the road. They were all over the place near a road in Oregon where Katie and I were walking, and I picked a couple to put in a vase in The Palms. I loved them. I haven't seen any for a while, but of course I've been in the desert for a long while. :)