Sunday, May 20, 2012

Yesterday Dump Run

 Three Sisters from the dump yesterday. Even the dump has a GREAT view! Tumalo Butte in the foreground.
 Great old barn on the way to the dump. the house is even in worse shape. Don't think anyone living there. There are sub divisions  around this area & i suppose eventually it will succumb to progress, Really would be too bad.... Doesn't it look well made tho!!  Good roof..
 Rock crib and irrigation ditch in field near the barn, in the far distance is Mt Jefferson, but due to haze can't see it too good.

Think the house looks much better w/o those awful cedar bushes on the end of the house.  Lilacs are still in full bloom.  Have got the area between the sidewalk and curb pretty much a desert. All weed free.  going to put in river rock and some sort of bushes and flowers, eventually, it is a BIG area to address. Now just have to rototill the yard, make it ready for grass... want garden things at the end of the house, not grass... cut down on mowing area.  Put in herbs and rhubarb.  Want to run a fence of some sort along the sidewalk to keep people from walking there. don't know why that bothers me, but it does.... Then i can have more bushes and flowers and not worry about them being trampled.  BIG plans, but eventually.....
Take Care All!!!  God Bless


  1. I would love to have a barn like that. When I had my house, I wanted no grass, just all flowers, trees and a vegetable garden. I settled for removing about 1/2 of the grass and having raised garden beds.

  2. I agree, the more flowers and bushes the less mowing which is a good thing. Great old barn and nice that you have preserved it in a wonderful picture.