Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sleeping Beauty

 Isn't she just a sweet little hussy?? Complete sleeping abandon.  She knows how to take her leisure.  Did not even crack an eye when i came in.
 The white lilacs are blooming now.
Today went to Madras as had to have face to face talk with the brother regarding more family drama, does it never end?
He started up the RV and it started right up, even had the generator going!! But BOY does it need a thorough cleaning!!! Dusty, dusty, dusty, but don't know what else i expect when it is sitting in a part of the field with dirt all around! Tried 'the solution' on a little corner and it looked ok, but really think it needs a GOOD wash first.
The leaves in the backyard trees are really lovely!! Shade. But tell me that in October :)  The Solution worked really well on the Element!!
Take Care and God Bless All.....


  1. Skittlez is stretched out in that position on our living room floor. They are so cute and I think it's neat that they feel so secure they don't move. Our rig is filthy also, but they're expecting more winds again down here in the desert, so no reason to clean it yet.

  2. LOL Luci the Hussy. Glad the rig is working fine. Next up a nice water wash and she'll be rearin' to go.

  3. One of my babies sleeps with the same sense of hussy-ness! She just loves to sprawl on her back, legs splayed, and has no cares in the world! So funny!