Saturday, May 19, 2012


Thursday got up at the unGodly hour or 6am to leave at 7am for 'the valley' went over the Santiam, lovely greenness over there.
A friend i used to work with, Jane and i needed some shopping therapy!
The Container Store has things you don't even know you need!
Then we took the 205 to Clackamas Town Center, stopped at Catherine's. Was dissappointed. This is like the  2nd time i have been there and they have 'old lady' clothes, you know the kind, nylon blouses and spandex pants with elastic waists.  Maybe i am getting to where i don't NEED to wear those clothes any longer :).  Then more 205 to Ikea. Jane had never been there, we walked and walked and walked.  Then to the Avenue, finally found some jean capris!!! then on over Mt Hood back to Redmond.  Made a BIG circle..  the hills and the plains of Warm Springs were getting green too and the buck brush/ rabbit brush was bloomin'
BUT these were the only pictures taken.
Friday brother Jerry sil Rita came over and took down the little metal shed in the backyard and cut down some limbs on the HUGE fir tree and the two cedar type bushes on the end of the house that were ugly and overgrown and not been taken care of.  Trimmed back, wanted to start a fresh  in that area of the yard, EXCEPT for the lilac bushes, those will remain untouched!!!!
So a busy two days.  My back screamed the whole time. think am going to have to go back to the doctor and find out what goes there :(


  1. Never been to The Container Store...sounds interesting...what do they have there?

  2. 6a.m.? Thats nothing I get up at 330 am each morning for work. When Im NOT working I get up at 7 am...maybe I shouldn't work?

  3. Nice circle that you made. I just love the Mt. Hood area.

  4. Shopping "therapy" that phrase always cracks me up. Therapy for what? Glad you liked my Carl blog. Did he get a look at Magi? I'll bet Luci would love for him to run off to Florida. :-)

  5. Oh yeah, The Container Store and IKEA are both places to browse and browse some more and end up with things you didn't even know you needed.

    Have you tried shopping at CJ Banks at the mall? I have had good luck finding things there. I gave up on Catherine's a few years ago for the same reasons that you mentioned. Once in a while I can find something at Fashion Bug, but their clothes are usually too young instead of too old.

  6. Shopping with friends are the best shopping days. Sounds like you gals had a great time.

  7. I have never been to the container store, but We have a 99 cent breakfast at IKEA most Thursday mornings. They have a hot spot there and I use my computer while Joe watches the planes land. They come right by the window. Their Swedish Meatballs are really good too.

  8. I shop at the CJ Banks at Vancouver's Westfield Mall. They also have an online store at The website has a store locator. I didn't see anything for Bend or Portland, but there's one at the Eugene Mall and the Lincoln City outlet stores. I didn't realize that the store was so hard to find!