Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Had to add one more picture as i got to have a "baby"  fix this afternoon, my grand-niece from Southern Calif came to see me (well, ok, with her mom ,Sacia, too) We had a really good visit, she is busy, busy, busy.  Showed me all the animal sounds she knows, the fish was especially cute!! And we did bubbles outside..
Special bounty from God, surely it is!!


  1. Visits from the little ones just can't be beat. She is precious.

  2. What an adorale little girl. Glad you found what you wanted at Freddies! When I lived in Astoria, I remember when Freddie's and Costco both came to Warrenton. Put the Counseling services out of business. It actually gave people something to do to get out of the house on rainy, windy days. :)

  3. Chloe is just darling, hugging her little doll! What a cutie! :)