Friday, June 22, 2012

Doing Something!

 If nothing else, blogging gets me out of the house, where there is nothing to write about!!  Today i drove to Madras, taking clothes to my SIL. AND on the way there, is this old, rusty truck. They do something with it every year, this year the petunia in the bed are slow, not enough heat.  The lady of the house came out to talk to me. Very nice, invited me back in a month to see the flowers in the back of the house. She said there were many more!!!

 He was not as friendly, rather stand offish :) But ate dead poppies she threw over the fence, Cute face!!
 Then i drove into the mountains between Madras and Redmond, I love going to this place, and felt i had missed it somehow, but ended up right at it!!  It should be a Heritage site for sure, it is n old pioneer orchard!! Just can imagine them trying to survive in such a place at the foot of Grey Butte, that now has towers on it and a trail up to the top of it. One day i am going up there!!!  for today we saw the apple and popular trees.  More in later blogs.  this was alot of pictures for me and just one blog!!
Take Care All & God bless!!

This is the Crooked River just before it turns into a Gorge.
Let me just say took my life in my hands to get this picture, in pouring rain, with loaded gravel trucks whizzing by and no place to walk :)  Just sayin'  I have found i will do most anything for what i think will be a good picture.
The road to the Orchard is a dirt/gravel road, mostly dirt, one lane, very windy, thru canyons and some mud,  tried to keep the truck clean tho, why do i decide to do these things right after i have the truck washed? And why does it rain right after you wash a vehicle, just wonderin'.  There are many roads and crossroads and it is a trick to remember which way is which, no signs!!!


  1. What beautiful photos. Love the rusty truck. I really miss my flowers. Those are gorgeous!

  2. And it was a very good picture too that you risked rain and road for. Thanks!

  3. I love the pictures. I hope to return to your part of Oregon and would like to explore the area a little more. Just driving the road from motel to motel doesn't allow a person to see the sights you photograph. Thanks for giving me the desire to see more.

  4. It is amazing what we will do for our blogs. But they are such an amazing way for us to record the beauty all around us and then be able to go back and look at it again and remember all the good times, when we're stuck at home. Great pictures.

  5. You are very brave! But with your new smaller self, it's easier to be brave. Congrats on 90 -- Suzy just hit 90 yesterday.

  6. No signs?? Sounds like my kind of place :) I think I would love to visit there! And your photos are beautiful!!