Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Getting Ready

Look what i made for a memory mattress pad, given to be by a friend!!  A cover. Made it like a big envelope pillow case. Honestly, i don't know why it fits and was relatively easy to get the pad into the cover, as i had a devil of a time making it!!  My math skills are next to nill i soon discovered, measured wrong. Then i was using the camo material, which is heavy, but not as heavy as jean material, using heavy duty thread, as recommended by sewing personnel at JoAnn's. AND heavy duty jean needles, all combined to make the tension on the bobbin wonky as all get out, my back started having fits, probably being hunched over the sewing machine or the cursing, whatever.... It was a sad testament to my stick-to-it-ness.... BUT IT FITS and the pad will not get all icky as they are wont to do, with dog and sleep sweatiness, and humidity of the mid-west.  The mattress was cut down (to fit in the back of the Element) to 59x33 using an electric kitchen knife, which worked wonderfully!! So have a part from the bottom, which we cut in half and am going to make some covers and have two pillows
This was yesterday, he was over my histrionics and just wanted some peace and quiet!!!  Has taken to napping in his little bed which he barely fits into, but it is really cute, don't u think?
Hope u all have an easy time with any projects you have on your list to do!!
Take Care & God Bless


  1. Looks great to me Loree. Carl is definitely giving it they eye as a possible bed for his royalship. Love the picture of him sleeping. Sure hope I get to meet him one day. These are going in my "Carl Folder". :-))

  2. Isn't it amazing how things can turn out just great even when we think we're screwing it up. Love it. And Carl is just too cute.