Sunday, June 3, 2012

THIS Morning

 This morning in the yard!!
We had SUN!!  Not so now :(  Have sprayed Round-up and pulled weeds in the front yard until i am sure it cringes when it sees me coming. Yesterday i was in the side yard removing a rock mound, what it was for there, i have no idea, but it was NOT my vision for how things should look.  Weeded and watered.  There are those old yellow farm yard roses in back, boy howdy do they ever have the stickers on them!!!
It is looking pretty good over in that area. Don't know why, probably have alot of my Mother in me, but i truly DO love puttering about in a yard, moving things, planting, weeding, planning.  I get such joy from the results, and if you keep at it you DO get results.
 The poppies are coming right along and keep reseeding and do really well when they get some water :)  Have many more than i did last year when i first moved in!!  They are such happy flowers, bobbing in the wind, even a slight breeze.
Hope everyone is getting where they want to be this summer, safely...  I have been really busy with the 1st of the month chores, little things to do here & there. Have to go to Bend tomorrow, pay Brian's car insurance, they are not open on week ends, the only time he has off, so trying to think of anything i have to do there, so don't have to drive in more than the one time.  Tuesday to Garabaldi, Excited!!!!  Beach time!!!  Take Care and God Bless All...........


  1. Perky poppies - that's cute Judy. My Mom liked puttering in the yard but I sure didn't inherit that from her. I have never liked to work in the yard so my yards have never been pretty unless Jim took care of them. I love the fact that weeds cringe when you come near.

  2. Have you been to Garabaldi before? We really like it there. I use to live in Hebo, then Bay Ciy then Tillamook. Enjoy your beach time.

  3. Loree, I think Suzy must be related to you -- she loves yard work too, as long as Jerry does it! We've just planted some new cactus plants, two aloes and a couple of lantana. And yesterday I found a new cactus volunteer in exactly the wrong place in our garden, so I see myself down on my knees again. Thank goodness the temp isn't much higher than 100 degrees most days! Love your poppies!