Monday, June 25, 2012

New Project

 These are what the squares will look like on the new afghan i am now working on.  Will post a completed picture. I truly do love working on these!!  Getting them altogether one step at a time.
Friend Nora will be happy i have started a project  :)
Also saw my niece and her new baby. She is almost two months old now... It was good seeing them
Other than that, nothing going on, just normal daily things that take up a person's time and life
Take Care All!!!!


  1. Oh my, my aunt Minnie had that very same pattern, she made pot holders with them. She crocheted a hook so they could be hung. They were way to pretty to use as potholders.

  2. Beautiful pattern. I never had good luck with that kind of pattern, or with Granny squares, either. I just can't seem to change colors seamlessly. What's your advice?

  3. Love your Granny Squares. Been a long time since I worked them. I once made my mother a beautiful afghan in shades of purple granny squares. anxious to see your finished project.

  4. You do beautiful crochet work! Can't wait to see the finished afghan.