Friday, June 15, 2012

Photo facial

Yesterday i had a photo facial treatment (laser) today i am bruised and really swollen. Supposed to take away the rosecea, fine lines and brown spots that some of us tend to get with aging and sun damage.  Don't know yet if it was the smartest thing to do.  But my friend Janmarie has had 'some' work done and it always looks much worse before it looks better.... hmmmm 
So this first really nice week end we have had, i get to spend inside or in deep shade.. :)

Be a great opportunity to clean house, yet again, why is that never done, finished? Always seems dirty?
Maybe it is because of BOTH of these!!!

Take Care & God Bless


  1. Looks like Carl could use a facial too, but I suppose it wouldn't help, :)

  2. Judy stop that! Carl is darling!

    If this works facial thing works Loree I want to hear all about it. The brown spots all over my face are horrible. And they get worse even with 60 SPF sunscreen and a hat if I'm outside. I can't stay inside for heaven's sake but those things are terrible and getting worse.

  3. Judy beat me to it!! Just kidding of course. We all love Carl...but ya gotta admit, Luci is a lot cuter.

    Don't forget your sunblock.

  4. I had those spots removed with I think nitrogen spray by my doctor. It worked great but I looked I was the loser in a bar fight for two weeks:)

  5. I'm sure when everything heals, you will be very pleased with the results. Doggies do make a house messy with their hair and dirt they drag in. Happy Cleaning!!!

  6. Don’t doubt your decision even for a moment. :] I’m sure you’re enjoying the excellent result of your photo facial treatment by now. But even with that, you must still minimize your exposure to the sun and other harsh elements. I’m sure your doctor has advised you that. ;] You’ll probably be facing house cleaning more often now. Haha. And don’t forget to come back regularly for facial touch-ups.

    Francis Powers

  7. Hi. About one year ago, I also wanted to get rid of the aging signs, spots and rosacea. So I've tried a photofacial Toronto treatment, because I've heard only great things about it. And personally, after all this time, I'm also seeing the great results! It was really useful!