Saturday, June 2, 2012


My sil Karen, got thru the surgery fine, doing well, still in ICU. Don't know what the prognosis is as i am not in that loop of people. Still praying all will go well.

We have weepy weather here today. Seemed a day to do the sheets and work more on the garage.  Thought we had lost one of the trees out by the back driveway, but it is leafing out, seems late to me, but going to soak it with water today.  That means getting hoses all connected and draped over the fence, such fun.

Brother Jerry started logging Monday after being off work for 3 months,  got his 1st load, was on the way out of the Ochocos and the rear end went out of the truck!!!  I mean- really?  He lost one last year too.  He was upbeat tho, which is a change for him, he said well, these things happen and now at least it is done and will be taken care of and should be good to go for the rest of the season.  Great attitude i thought.  Had to order the rear end, travel to Portland to pick it up, then spent yesterday in the woods with a mechanic getting it changed out, as the truck was going no where, with a load of logs on it and the rear end not working!!!

Sort of sounds like all the continuing RV problems some people have  :)

Take Care All & God Bless

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