Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day One

 So, this is the first day on the beach,  a little windy. AND i ave plastic baggies is my pocket for poop, hence the big bulge in stomach area!!!  My Disneyland sweatshirt fits!!
Twin Rocks in the 1st picture and in my background.  On Barview...

 Good friend Carol.  It is always a chore to do these 'picture yourself' pictures, and they look like what they are, you holding your arm out as far as you can!
The Rhodies were in full bloom, some a bit rain battered. But still got LOTS of pictures of them. Trying for the perfect one, right?
Take Care all...
These were all taken 6-6

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  1. That long arm picture looks great Loree. Better that than none. What a sweet friend you have.